Imagine a world where Human Resources (HR) Solutions are at your fingertips.


About me

Hi, I am Tiffany Kartowidjojo. I believe that every individual, whether you have a company or you are working at a company, has the right to access HR Solutions.
I assist small-medium enterprises and every individual that needs HR, with their personal and professional development.

My Vision
To provide access to HR Solutions for individuals.

My Mission
To use HR practices to assist in the personal and professional development of individuals.

My Clients

My core values


I am pleased to provide you with professional services. Everybody deserves a great service and so do you!


Quality above quantity! Whether you are a student, an employee or employer, I will ensure high service quality.


Integrity has to come from both ways, from me as a Consultant and from you as a Client. I will provide you with honest feedback and advice when it comes to your personal and professional development.


Let us be open when it comes to business! Both parties, Consultant and Client, have to be open-minded when it comes to sharing sensitive information. I will provide you with great advice by having an open business-relationship.


HR is my passion! I am highly passionate to assist you in your development opportunities, whether it is your career development or your personal skills development, to become successful.

Learning & development

The core of HR is about the development of people to be able to contribute to the organizational growth and goals. I will assist you in assessing your skillset and setting a plan for your personal and professional development to help you to achieve your full potential.

My Services

HR Solutions

HR Solutions are for everyone! I am your personal Consultant when it comes to work-related issues. I will be your personal Consultant by conducting the following steps:

Introductory Meeting
We will get to know each other and I will analyze whether I can respond to your business needs.

I will send you a custom-made quotation that meets your business needs.

If you agree to quotation-approval, we can start off with the project that will meet your business needs.

Personal Development Coaching

Are you a student, an employee or employer that needs help with finding the right path to build your career? I am here to coach you on your personal and professional development. I will be your personal development Coach by conducting the following steps:

We will have a hearty conversation on your career perspective and your development opportunities.

I will assist you in reflecting on your current skillset and the skills that need improvement.

I will assist you in setting your personal and career goals to become successful in your life and career.

Professional Resume

Do you need help with finding a (new) job? I am your personal Advisor who will assist you in the recruitment process to optimize your chances to get invited by recruiters. I will be your personal Advisor by providing the following services:

Professional Resume
Send your current resume for me to screen. I will draft a professional resume to catch the recruiter’s attention.

Cover Letter
Send your current cover letter for me to screen. I will draft a custom-made cover letter to let recruiters know why you are eligible for the job interview.

Recruitment Advice
I will provide you with tips and advice on the job interview to assist you in the preparation thereof.

I am your HR Solution!
Give me a call or send me an email and let us work together!


My Business Partners

I believe with collaboration we can achieve the best results in our personal and professional development.
Want to become my business partner? Give me a call!


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