Personal Development Coaching

Purposefully achieve your Personal Development!

personal development coaching

01. Intake

We’ll have an interview to analyze your personal development goals.

02. Proposal

You’ll receive a customized proposal for the Personal Development Coaching.

03. Invoice

After proposal approval you’ll receive via email an invoice for the payment.

04. Introduction

We’ll have an introduction to build a trustful and an open business relationship.

05. Virtual Coaching Sessions

We’ll conduct virtual coaching sessions via Zoom or MS Teams to reflect on your skill set, dive in which skills need improvement and set your personal or career development goals to become successful in your life and career.

06. Video Recordings

After each coaching session you’ll receive the video recording to draw inspiration.

Coaching Package

Personal Development Coaching

Investment: USD 150

  • Virtual Coaching Sessions (3 x 2 hours)
  • On every device: smartphone, tablet, laptop or pc
  • Video recordings

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Some of my Clients

Attending a webinar, I had the opportunity to choose a package from the services of Tiffany Kartowidjojo. I chose the Personal Development Coaching package and it gave me all the necessary tools to develop both my professional and personal life. Since our introductory meeting my Coach, Tiffany, has given me a feeling that I could share everything with her and I always felt at ease. The coaching sessions ended with a clear defined action plan and I look back on a productive coaching process.

Janine S.

Janine S.

Specializes in Innovation & Technology

The Personal Development Coaching was above my expectations, very productive and has boosted my self-confidence. My coach, Tiffany Kartowidjojo, created a space where I could feel free and safe to share my personal information. During the sessions I received honest and sincere feedback that mainly made me think about working towards achieving my goals. The structure of the coaching sessions has given me clear insights into how to work and that motivates me even more to take action.

Chevelly Plet

Chevelly Plet

Specializes in Social Sciences & Educational Sciences

I experienced the Personal Development Coaching with my personal HR Consultant, Tiffany Kartowidjojo, as productive and professional. I have been able to sharpen my critical thinking, especially to think in detail about what I want to achieve. I have overcome for 75% one of my weaknesses, fear of failure, that held me back the most. With the tools, knowledge and experience that I gained during the three coaching sessions, I am now able to start as an independent HR Consultant. I am very satisfied and impressed with the guidance and I already notice the growth in my plan of action.

Xiomara Grootfaam

Xiomara Grootfaam

Master in Human Resources Management

A coaching program with Tiffany Kartowidjojo is definitely recommended! I myself have participated in a Personal Development Coaching Program. I have been able to develop my skills 'effective communication' and 'professionalism' to a higher level. I am very happy that I was able to expand my knowledge in this area, because these two skills are of eminent importance for my daily functioning in the workplace.

Esten Cohen

Esten Cohen

Acting Company Manager | Creative & Poetry Writer

The coaching sessions started off with a light-hearted introduction, during which my interest was made known. I experienced the coaching sessions as instructive and I was able to communicate well with my coach Tiffany Kartowidjojo. She listened carefully to my wishes and she gave me advice on how I can approach things. Together we have come to an action plan, which I will implement in the coming period to achieve my goals. I recommend these coaching sessions, because we people sometimes need a push and advice to realize certain things in our lives.

Savora Omanette, BSc

Savora Omanette, BSc

Specialized in Psychology

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